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Why Electro Freeze?

electro freeze

Why should your business choose Electro Freeze products? Asking that question is like asking someone why they like ice cream on a scorching summer day— it just makes sense. Electro Freeze not only has more than 75 years of experience in manufacturing and designing soft-serve equipment, but their products are dependable and offer flexibility, no matter your business.

Electro Freeze, owned by H.C. Duke & Son LLC, started with a dream in a laundry equipment repair shop. Yes, you read that right— they were asked by the ever-so-popular Dairy Queen franchise to create an ice cream freezer. After Dairy Queen expanded, the duo purchased Electro Freeze and continued to succeed in the frozen treat business.

Soft-serve, shakes, yogurt, slushes, cocktails, and gelato are just some of the frozen treat options you can provide your customers with Electro Freeze! The flexibility your soft-serve freezer will provide is endless, including a wide selection of models sure to fit each market.

You can trust your Electro Freeze machine to last throughout the years. They’re simple to operate and clean and are easy to maintain, especially with routine maintenance.

If your business is interested in an Electro Freeze machine, contact us. The friendly staff at Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service is here to answer any questions you may have!