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The Case for Iced Coffee

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There’s a reason that we drink 766 cups of coffee a year. For many of us, coffee is our daily fuel. It may not be the reason we get out of bed each day, figuratively speaking—and to each their own—but literally, it could be. Nearly everyone can agree that coffee is great, but no great institution is without its controversies. What divides coffee lovers? One simple question: should coffee be served hot or iced?

Hot vs. Iced coffee has historically been a one-sided affair. Sure, there are a few who prefer a cool, caffeinated rush, but hot coffee has always been the majority’s drink of choice.

But why is that? Why do we prefer our beverage hot? Maybe iced coffee is taboo, or maybe it’s a matter of taste. Either way, we shouldn’t be too hasty in avoiding the cooler alternative.

There are two ways to brew iced coffee. The first way—the more convenient alternative—is to brew coffee as you normally would, then mix with ice. The second way is to cold-brew the coffee by putting coffee grounds into cold water and letting them sit for an extended period of time.

Some claim to be too impatient to wait for coffee to cold-brew, but science shows that patience may pay off in the long run. When you heat coffee beans, you risk burning them and ruining their health benefits. Cold-brew coffee is also a better option for your digestive system, as it has a third of the acidic levels as heated coffee.

Younger generations are embracing iced coffee, so don’t be surprised to see higher demands for the cold drink.  If you’re interested in learning more about iced coffee, explore our Nuova Simonelli products, those specifically tailored for America’s favorite drink. And the staff at Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service is always here to answer your questions!