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Keeping It Clean - Ice Machines

As with any piece of equipment, there are certain preventative steps you can take to help prolong your machine’s lifespan. Ice machines require checkups every six months or so to ensure maximum performance. Not only will your machine last longer, your customers will remain satisfied.

The items on your maintenance checklist should include changing your machine’s water filter. The water filter helps keep ice clear and pure, free of particles. When a filter has outstayed its life expectancy, your customers might report a bad smelling and/or tasting product. An unchanged filter can also lead to build up in the machine, resulting in slower ice production.

While you are changing your water filter, go ahead and take the time to empty and sanitize your equipment thoroughly. Swapping out condenser fins and air filters will help prevent lint and grease buildup, which might otherwise slow your machine’s ice production.

These steps might appear tiring or time consuming, but your equipment is an investment, and the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

Ice machines installed in common settings, including restaurants, can become contaminated by bacteria, slime, mold, and yeast from the air and water. This can cause equipment to malfunction, and could pose a serious health risk to employees and customers who handle or consume the ice produced by the equipment.  If you are finding these problems occurring in your machine, Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service can help with a product called IceZone® .  IceZone® works by using UV oxidation to create an environment inside the ice machine that inhibits the growth of contaminating slime that otherwise would spread throughout the ice machine. 

For more information about IceZone®, or if you have any other questions about the proper upkeep of your equipment, please feel free to call the friendly staff at Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service