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Iced Coffee 101


There’s no denying it—we love our coffee. For many of us, it’s the first thing we reach for in the morning. It’s what gets us out of bed to begin with. There are few walks greater, just after waking, than the slow trod from your bedroom to the kitchen, and time stands still most often in those moments between preparing your morning cup and the first hit of caffeine.

Of course, it’s also summer, and though we might be flirting with the hump and nearing the first shades of fall, we have some hot days ahead. So what is a coffee-aholic to do when it’s sweltering outside and you are in desperate need of some sweet, sweet caffeine relief?


It’s no wonder that iced coffee has become so popular in recent years. We caffeine addicts are a crafty bunch. Give us 98° and a heat index of 110°, and we’ll still find a way to enjoy our fuel. But there is much more to iced coffee than just plopping ice cubes into your morning cup, and no self-respecting coffee-drinker would want to settle for less-than-awesome coffee for the hottest months of the year. So yes, while it appears self-explanatory, there is an art to making a good cup of iced goodness.

Which is why having iced coffee options available in your establishment helps turn those who walk through the door into loyal customers.


First, your customers will pick a side, as there are two methods of approach. Hot-brewed and cold-brewed. Hot brewed is refreshingly chilly coffee that tastes like, well, coffee. Cold-brewed serves those that view regular coffee and iced coffee as two different beasts—the difference between having coffee with your dessert and having it for dessert.

Hot-brewed iced coffee is brewed directly onto ice, rendering it instantly cooled. This method aims to coax out the natural acidity while maintaining the beloved coffee taste. The change in temperature doesn’t affect the flavor, since the coffee is immediately chilled.


Cold-brewed iced coffee offers a classic spin on America’s favorite beverage. This might be the best option for people who are in-like with coffee, rather than in love, or those who want something a tad more decadent. It’s a slower process, but well worth the wait. You just need a container to steep the coffee—could be a Mason jar, could be a French press—a fine mesh strainer, your coffee (obviously), and, say, twelve hours.

Start by mixing your coffee with water, stirring to mix the grounds. Let it sit at room temperature for about twelve hours in its steeping vessel. Afterward, pour the concentrate through a strainer. Do this as needed until the grounds are out. Dilute it for drinking by mixing it to two parts coffee, one part water, and shelve the rest for future coffee consumption. You now have a refreshing coffee treat with 67% less the acidity of regular coffee.


Your iced coffee can be customized with milk, cream sugar, and flavored syrups. Check out our Nuova Simonelli line for exquisite coffee that will have your customers lined at the door.