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Hoshizaki - More Than Just Commercial Ice Machines

Hoshizaki is best known, perhaps, for their commercial ice machines, which are smart, energy efficient, and maximize production. However, there is much more to the Hoshizaki name than commercial ice machines. In fact, Hoshizaki offers an impressive lineup of products that are great complements and additions to any business in the food and drink industry.

For starters, when considering foods that need to be displayed but refrigerated for customers, such as a cafeteria dessert line, a sushi/seafood bar, or deli meat counter, Hoshizaki offers refrigerated display cases in up to five different models to accommodate a variety of foods. These cases likewise contain space on top of each unit to place plates, since the glass angles down. The smart design allows customers to view merchandise easily, without cluttering counter space.

Hoshizaki also has a line of energy efficient roll-in refrigerators, complete with warranties on the compressor as well as parts and labor. The roll-in refrigerators are also equipped with EverCheck digital controls, which provide audio/visual alert system monitors. These items are great for restaurants and other businesses that store meats in bulk.

Warewashers are also among the Hoshizaki merchandise, for restaurants and cafeterias with dishware and utensils that need to be washed in high volume. These washers are patented in design and have low operating cost.

The list goes on: stands, ice-bins, prep-tables, reach-ins, water filtration, remote condensers, and more. Hoshizaki has established itself as an industry leader in commercial ice-machines and any number of additional products business owners in the food service industry need to have on-hand. The Hoshizaki name comes with the promise of excellence, something Hoshizaki established in 2014 in being recognized as Energy Star’s Partner of the Year. Hoshizaki provides its customers energy efficiency, a diverse range of products and services, and warranty protection on parts and service.

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