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Benefits of Caffeinated Coffee

It’s almost certain that you have, at least once, heard someone claim they need an IV of coffee. And if you haven’t heard it said, you might be the one saying it.

While you’ll want to hold off on an actual IV, recent research has revealed there might be some health benefits to caffeine intake beyond the much-needed energy boost on a Monday morning. According to a recent USA Today article , research has yielded that moderate coffee consumption has been shown to increase blood flow to one’s smaller blood vessels.

The research experiment itself entailed a group of non-routine coffee drinkers, ages 22-30. Participants were presented with a single cup of coffee, either caffeinated or decaffeinated. After the coffee was consumed, researchers conducted a test on the vascular function of each participant’s left index fingers to determine how well their small blood vessels were functioning. This test was repeated two days; those who drank caffeinated coffee the first day switched to decaffeinated, and vice versa.

Those who drank the caffeinated coffee saw a 30% increase in cardiovascular function over a 75-minute period, and heart rate levels between the two groups were a wash.

These results are promising for coffee lovers everywhere, suggesting better response from smaller blood vessels, which could, if confirmed, help combat cardiovascular disease. However, there is still a lot of uncharted territory in terms of proven health benefits. This will take more time, more studies, more research, and a lot more coffee.