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Benefits of 3M Water Filters

Nothing quenches thirst quite like a crisp, refreshing glass of ice water—filtered ice water that is. Think about it this way: do you prefer clean-tasting water or dirty-water? We really hope you didn’t have to think on that too hard. Your customers deserve only the best water and Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service is the BEST (see what we did there?) place to purchase and help maintain your system so it runs smoothly!


Now, we aren’t saying tap water is a terrible choice. While tap water can contain potentially dangerous substances like chloramines, the US Environmental Protection Agency limits the amount of contaminants in drinking water that all water systems are required to follow, so your local tap water is safe to drink. What we are saying is that filtered water is the preferred choice among customers and can greatly affect your business. Bonus? Filtered water reduces buildup in your equipment, resulting in longer-lasting machinery.

At Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service, we carry a full line of commercial water filtration systems from 3M that are sure to meet your businesses’ water purity requirements. 3M water filtration systems remove unwanted odors and tastes, leaving you with water that’s perfect for making anything, from a fresh-tasting steaming hot cut of coffee to a refreshing glass of ice water to complement your customer’s meal. In addition to removing unwanted odors and tastes, our water filtration systems will help your equipment last longer and your dishes come out sparkling clean by removing minerals that leave that unwanted, grimy film behind on dishes.

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Okay, okay, but what about maintenance? How often do I need to change the filter or replace equipment? Not only is Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service a distributor, our staff includes manufacturer-trained service technicians who provide dedicated service and maintenance on your water filtration systems 24/7, 365 days a year—something big box stores don’t offer. We also have a fully-stocked parts department so we’ll be able to replace any malfunctioning equipment in no time! To learn more about our services, click here.

If you’re considering adding a water filtration system to your commercial business, contact our friendly staff. We’d love to hear from you!